Bloopers and Outtakes

Calm, composed, graceful and articulate... these are the qualities we look for in our teachers. You will find none of those things here. Check out the best bits of footage that don't make it into our regular classes on Behind The Scenes.

Alyssa Jean demonstrates patience and deep breathing amidst a high energy storm of beached Pacific urchins.

Not all of Jeff's deep insights, secret mudras and superfly dance moves make it into our regular classes.

Sarah-Jane shows her true nature when things aren't going well.

Rachel shows everyone how to best deal with falling and spends some time gazing at the earth.

Fiji and David realize that they have been leaving something very important out of their introductions this whole time!

Melissa emphasizes her attention to detail to David as she prepares to film each yoga class.

David thought that Melissa clearing her hair from her face wasn't cute... and Melissa did. Melissa took it well, and they're still friends.

Ron has fun in front of the camera as he gets comfortable talking about himself and the class he's about to teach.

Dawn demonstrates the challenges of filming a yoga class on the beach.

Crista Shillington took a few takes to get the introduction to Eka Pada Koundinyasana Fun just right!

Crista says a bad word when she meant to say something else.

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