Beautifully Bound

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (75 votes)
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Explore arm binds with Fiji in this beautiful flow class, in which each section builds upon the one before it, leading to deeper openings in the body and a more comprehensive, full body release.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


DaniKiss 8 months ago

My heart chakra is spinning in full alignment and balance after this one! Wow. Love the connection made between shoulders and pelvis. Whole body feels amazing and light after this slow, deep invigorating practice. Thank you, Fiji. So grateful for this platform and being able to take your classes while home in quarantine.

dosbo 1 year ago

Beautiful sweet shoulder release, but my whole body now feels amazing. My arms tingled through the entire series with the strap behind the back, and the warrior 3 afterward felt like heaven. Thank you, Fiji, for helping a stressed-out COVID-19 front line healthcare worker relax! I was considering a massage, but this class was so much better. Namaste

LesterT 1 year ago

Fiji... THANK YOU.
I came in to try this class from a recommendation from a friend.
I was blown away - your cues are AMAZING. They really helped me to get the sense of freedom in the shoulders.

canosjp 1 year ago

Fiji, this is another of your masterpieces! I loved the use of the strap to focus on proper shoulder alignment and not “forcing poses” that we should never force. Great leg workout, too! You are a true gift to this channel and to yoga! THANK YOU!!

sindysisi 2 years ago

What a beautiful class Fiji! I came to class with a messy mind with lots of distracting thoughts and worries but your sequecne with your calm and firm tone has cleard all those noises in my head. Thank you!

TikiMan098 3 years ago

Mmmm. So good. All of Fiji's classes are so good... My shoulders approve! Legs were on fire, haha. Thank you from California!

mireaux 4 years ago

Thank you once again Fiji! I love these classes where I feel like I'm going to my edge. Definitely didn't expect my quads to get such a satisfying challenge in a shoulder-focused class.