New Anxiety Learning Series with David Launches June 7th - Free!

A 10-video series that helps people shift their relationship to their anxiety.
When I grew up in the 1980s, anxiety and depression were rarely discussed openly and most often hidden by those living with them. Growing up with anxiety, I felt alone. No one seemed able to listen to me talk about how I felt; able to show that they heard me and cared about my struggles. I thought I was the only one suffering the way I did and the anxiety I carried felt as much a part of me as my physical body; as real and permanent as my arms, or my hands, or my legs.
Anxiety Learning Series | DoYogaWithMeFortunately, things have changed since the 1980’s. Today, the subject of mental health has become a fixture in our societal discourse and those of us who struggle with anxiety know we are not alone. In just the US, 40 million adults aged 18 or older claim to have an anxiety disorder. Perhaps even more concerning is that statistics indicate the rate of chronic anxiety among 13 to 18 year olds in the U.S. is as high as 32%. Similar statistics can also be found in other countries. In all, literally hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. 
With those kinds of numbers, it’s likely that, no matter where you are, you know someone who struggles at times with feelings of anxiety. You would think that this would make sharing our own experiences easier, and in some ways it has. But for those of us who grew up in different times, or for those of us without strong support networks, letting others in on our private anxiety struggles can still be intimidating. There is still the risk of being misunderstood; the risk of rejection; the risk of being labelled, stereotyped, or unsupported. There is still the feeling we shouldn’t burden others with our problems. 
Anxiety Learning Series | DoYogaWithMeThis is part of why I have started to share my own struggles with the DoYogaWithMe community. As I have slowly learned to make friends with my own anxiety, I have become increasingly determined to help others do the same. I want us to stop feeling like we can’t talk to each other about anxiety, stop feeling like we have to carry these things on our own. Instead of shame, I want openness and curiosity. Instead of loneliness, I want support. Instead of merely acknowledging that anxiety is common in our society, I want us to build compassionate communities where we can explore these feelings together.
I want DoYogaWithMe to be this kind of community where people dealing with anxiety feel seen, empowered, and supported. Community members who have been with us for some time may be familiar with my video talks on anxiety on our Topics  page and my 21-Day Program, Let Go of Anxiety and Fear, an in-depth, daily program designed to create permanent life change. For those needing more support I have created a series of ten videos I’m calling Anxiety: A Learning Series. You can watch the first video, a conversation with my videographer Jeff, at the bottom of this article, while all ten videos will be published on our Anxiety: A Learning Series Program page on June 7/21. You can go there now to see the video titles and descriptions and sign up here to receive a program launch notification on June 7th:
It is my hope that these videos will help you relate to your anxiety in a new light. Like all of our programming, Anxiety: A Learning Series is heavily influenced by my own anxiety, and the techniques that I have found useful in dealing with it. As always though, the classes are just one part of the equation. It’s my belief that each of you has as much to teach as you do to learn, and I want to encourage you to be part of our conversation. Please make use of the comment boards for these videos and check out our ongoing discussion about anxiety in our Learn How to Live with Anxiety Forum. Whatever your experiences, you are welcome here. 


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Gilly Vanilly 6 days ago

How beautiful for you guys to share this. So inspiring and powerful. My heart fills with gratitude and kindness for you all at DYWM. Namaste, Gillian

Shiraz 1 month ago

A beautiful and honest conversation. Touching! Thank you.

bethoppliger 3 months ago

Hi David. I really appreciate it this work. I would like to sign up for the 21-day program from wondering if it is a downloadable series once I purchase it?

David Procyshyn 3 months ago

Thank you. I'm happy to hear it! The program is organized by daily themes that each have a video associated with it. For that reason, the videos are not downloadable. However, if that would help we could consider it.

Neita 3 months ago

This was a powerful discussion. Thank you to both David and Jeff for filming this. Until the pandemic, I rarely had anxiety. I didn’t identify with it at all. Maybe some anxious moments, like before giving a presentation. But 2-3 days after being sent home to telework during the pandemic, anxiety crashed down on me. It got to the point where I could work, but once I logged off, I was practically paralyzed.
What helped me get somewhat functional again is exactly what Jeff said - recognize what makes you feel better, and keep doing it! I recognized two things: yoga (DYWM) and hiking. And how to start doing those things? Luckily I “anchored” them. In the morning, I make my coffee. As soon as the coffee is ready, I sit on my mat and start my yoga class. Period. No decision necessary. My other anchor is that as soon as I log off from work, I drive to a park. Every day. So, there’s no thinking about I “should” do yoga or hike, it’s built into my daily routine.
The other thing that helped too, is that rarely did I have decide what yoga class to watch. Your challenges and series helped so much with that. When I was feeling mentally good, I could pick a series. Then, no decision was necessary in the morning. Just click on the next link.
Looking forward to the Learning Series!

David Procyshyn 3 months ago

Yes, that's fantastic! One thing that can often happen with anxiety is that we get stuck in every little decision we need to make throughout the day. I love your approach... period! No decision necessary. Make is easy and simple because - really - it is an easy and simple choice in the grand scheme of things!
Love it!

Dchampine 3 months ago

Thank you David for creating space for this topic. You and DYWM got me hooked on yoga almost 10 years ago as a way to gain strength and flexibility . Seeing a male body in the poses was crucial for me to feel included and connected. Your willingness to model a healthy male mind being strong and flexible is a wonderful addition to my mindfulness toolbox.
You and the DYWM community are truly a beacon. Please keep up the good work!

gennabeth 3 months ago

Thank you for this. I go back and forth on using the label anxiety with myself. I think it can be helpful but I have also gotten lost in feeling like the diagnosis (and others) were asserting control over my experience by continuing to identify with those labels. I'm interested asserting that my experience of anxiety is not a condition, disorder or illness to cope with but one that is part of the human spectrum of experience and a welcome way of being in the world. Is the problem the anxiety or is the perception of it as a problem creating stigma that keeps us feeling isolated and alone? Regardless, thank you for bringing this to the table and having a forum for discussion and support. I felt better and more hopeful listening to you guys talk. I relate to the experience of chronic, relentless anxiety, and I'm working on not creating stories around it that hold me back but only stories that uplift and ease the struggle. Thanks!

TrishG 3 months ago

Thanks for this, yes it can be hard having a "label" but for me it was the opposite. I was utterly shocked when my doctor diagnosed me the the Generalized Anxiety Disorder about 5 years ago, while I knew I had some form of anxiety, I had absolulely no idea I had anxiety all the time. Apart from the 2 nervous breakdowns ten years apart when I had every symptom under the sun, I had very few symptoms on a daily basis, just hyper on adenaline, a lot of tight muscles, tension headaches and fatigue. Having the diagnosis really helped me to manage the condition and yoga is definately now a significant part of my daily management.

Fiji McAlpine 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experience, and this perspective. Labels are difficult and can feel incredibly confining in some many ways, the idea of anxiety being a spectrum of something we all experience in the process of being human feels very spacious and freeing.

Cnh2kids 3 months ago

I am interested in the what the “right questions” are to help someone with anxiety speak - to be supportive of their journey to deal with and/or heal.

TrishG 4 months ago

Thanks Jeff and David for openly sharing for journey with anxiety. For so many years I had no idea what I was dealing with until a doctor finally gave me a proper diagnosis of the Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I love your resources, they have been instrumental in helping me on my anxiety journey. Thanks so much for all that you do. 4 months ago

Ahh, what a touching, honest and sharing conversation, that's so sweet to share this with us! I'm a Yoga Therapist, working with a psychiatric hospital with people with psychosis. Some of them are deeply affected. I'm so honored to share Yoga Therapy utilizing different tools, with these people. I have so much compassion for them. I hope to ignite positive change that may be tiny, and open them to infinite possibilities. Through your series, I look so forward to learning more tools and hearing others experiences, so I may be a more giving loving part of these patients lives. I LOVE DYWM, I've been practicing with you lovely teachers for many years. I recommend you to clients! And David, I've loved the calm you bring to your videos, I would never imagine that you deal with anxiety. It's even more meaningful and an awakening to hear you share your experiences, with such openness. Thanks for making this available!

David Procyshyn 3 months ago

Wow, thank you so much for sharing. Please let me know if the series helps you working with your patients. That would be fantastic!