Hatha Yoga for Better Posture

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Melissa takes you through a gentle hatha yoga class that helps you understand what good posture feels like and teaches you how to improve posture through certain exercises and stretches. It serves as a posture corrector, moving you from bad posture to good posture while emphasizing core strength and proper breathing.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Back Care


Guiness 1 year ago

This class really helped my back to feel much more open and relaxed, thank you!

MariamS 1 year ago

A simple, extremely helpful class. Melissa's note on facing the palms forward in mountain pose and why and how that helps the posture is one of my many big takeaways. A standard pose but one that I hadn't realized I needed to correct until I did this class. Despite it being a beginner class, I think different levels would find this one useful in different ways.

morgan_lionheart 2 years ago

This has been one of my favorite Doyogowithme videos for a long time. I hadn't watched it in a few months, though, so I was surprised to watch it today and find that this is apparently a different version of the video that has a blooper in it! Around the 9:30 mark, a moment that used to be edited out has made its way back in.

Still, this is a wonderful practice!

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Hi there. It looks like we missed something. Thank you for catching it! I will fix it asap.

Nyamyj 2 years ago

Perfect practice. I constantly struggle to open my chest and shoulders and neck. I never knew to keep my chin lower than forehead when on my back. I always learn through your classes. Definitely a favorite. Keeping correct posture helps so much with my neck and shoulder pain. Thank you Melissa! Would pilates help with the strength training you mentioned for the upper back?

Melissa Krieger 2 years ago

Hi! I would totally recommend a Pilates class for strengthening your neck and upper back! There are some classes on the site that may be a good but you may also benefit from an in person class where you can get corrections.

Nyamyj 2 years ago

Thanks Melissa - I am looking into Pilates (maybe with the reformer) to supplement my yoga practice. Yes, I like to go to live studio classes in addition to this site, to get corrections.

denisebotox 3 years ago

Loved this flow! It was SLOW and deep . Felt like 5 minutes !! Thank you for a beautiful practice. Fabulous stretch with a smidgen
of work. Just the way this yogi needs it right now!