Tech Neck

Josh Chen
Instructor Josh Chen
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This short stretch sequence encourages people who work at computers to take a break from work and stretch out their neck. Josh skillfully weaves in some helpful tips for taking care of your neck at work. This class is Part 1 of a series for computer workers. If you enjoyed it, please check out Part 2 - Keyboard Wrists.

Equipment: None
Style: Yoga at Work


dwflips 1 week ago

My neck feels better already. I love Josh's classes. He is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you Josh.

mikah257 3 weeks ago

The "bulldog" movement was revelatory. I feel it at the back of my jaw just under my ear. This might help with TMJ? Thanks so much!

butch 1 month ago

This class is amazing! My neck feels relaxed. My head is in line with my body and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I will be coming back to this class often. Thanks Josh!

JLP 1 month ago

Thanks, Josh! This was lovely! The neck flop reminds me of that feeling when you ride in a car or plane and nod off to sleep and the neck just releases, bringing you back to awareness that you just fell asleep! ;)

dukegal1213 1 month ago

Wow, did I need this class today! I had strained a muscle in my neck after a long paddleboard session on the lake a day before, and this practice helped my neck feel so much better. I’ll be bookmarking this one.