Yes, Grasshopper!

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This intermediate flow experience with Rachel will prepare you for exploring one of yoga’s most entertaining arm balances: insect pose (tittibhasana). Along the way, we’ll explore hip opening, full splits, core work, wrist strengthening and some other fun hand balances. Come along for the ride!

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


PattyRoma 23 hours ago

Great class! Amazingly fast and relaxing at the same time. I loved it! Thank you Rachel and doyogawithme

Rachel Scott 19 hours ago

My pleasure Patty! (We should create a new style called "Fastlax" ;)) I'm so glad that you enjoyed!

David Procyshyn 1 day ago

Thanks for the feedback. I've moved this up to Intermediate III. Let me know if that works for everyone!

sng4ever 1 day ago

A lot of fun and a great challenge.
As alwayts, Rachel is such a great teacher.

LucyKate 3 days ago

Maybe I'm just having a bad day but I found this super duper fast and I couldn't keep up. I would echo one of the other reviewers and say this was more an intermediate III/advanced as I can normally handle intermediate II classes. Perhaps one to come back to another day when I'm not so fatigued! Overall though, I do love your classes, but this one kicked my behind!! :)

zoeg 1 month ago

Great class! I loved the core work. I came to this practice with sore inner thighs and hamstrings so I was surprised to find myself in the peak pose (with bent knees). I found that the more I pulled up through my core and created that hollow dome, the less pressure there was in my wrists. I loved playing in this pose and will come back to this class again!

Ani_86 1 month ago

Very fun and challenging class with nice core action and hip openers! I'll be bookmarking. However, this felt like an intermediate III to me, with the quick pace, intense core work (those foot hovers - yeesh!) and the arm balances.

Katiek2610 2 months ago

Rachel I love your classes so much. You never fail to make me smile! Your practises always leave my body feeling refreshed and my mind that bit more joyful and relaxed. You are a ray of sunshine for me thankyou!