Yoga for Hamstring Rehabilitation

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Got a hamstring injury? Yoga is known as a flexibility practice, but what happens when you overstretch your hamstrings? Specifically designed for students who are working with a pulled hamstring or hamstring tendinopathy (often called, “yoga butt”), this class with Rachel will functionally strengthen your hamstrings and support your pathway to recovery. It is also an excellent class for students looking to cultivate lower body strength in general.

Equipment: Block, Blankets
Style: Hatha Yoga


LEH 1 month ago

I LOVED this class. However a word of warning: I have sciatica, which I normally keep under control in part through yoga, but something in this class caused it to flare up!

Fiji McAlpine 1 month ago

Sciatica is such a painful issue, and as you know it can flare up unexpectedly . It is important to note what types of movements bring about a flare up in your body, this of course takes time and reflection to be able to isolate those. Typically when the pelvis is out of alignment sciatica can be an issue, out hamstrings being tight can of course lead to that.

sng4ever 1 month ago

Outstanding. I really felt this and it was fantastic. Rachel is so good at instruction as well.
I did have a question. The block wobbling between the ankles as it is lifted... What causes that?

Rachel Scott 1 month ago

Sure thing - the hamstrings aren't used to doing that action, so they are figuring out how to work together at that same pace. If you do it consistently, it will get smoother :)

mesonic98 1 month ago

This is a great class. I'm actually recovering from a knee injury not a hamstring injury but I found this class equally helpful and some of the necessary strengthening applies to both injuries. Thanks so much.

meghan.kershner 1 month ago

Best day on the mat in a while. Thank you Rachel! I feel like I have the tools I need to get myself healthy again.

Rachel Scott 1 month ago

That's so great Meghan...hamstring rehab is a slow process requiring persistence...but we can get there. :)

yogababez 1 month ago

Thank you Rachel, fantastic class! I really feel that this will greatly help me to recover from my hamstring injury. I will make sure to incorporate this class to my regular practice!

Rachel Scott 1 month ago

YAY. As someone who has also injured my hamstrings...this process is near and dear to my heart!