DoYogaForMe - The Easiest Way To Practice

DoYogaForMe - The Easiest Way To Practice


We at DoYogaWithMe are ecstatic that we are finally ready to announce the completion of a big project that is near and dear to our hearts - the launching of our sister site,!

This has been a true passion project for us and our team been putting in the overtime to realize this vision.


You already know You've done yoga classes, challenges and meditations with us. This site is totally different! Instead of doing yoga with us, WE will be doing yoga FOR YOU! puts decades of dedicated practice and thousands of hours of teaching experience at your fingertips and in your living room.


To learn more about this incredible service, watch the video below. If you would like to take your practice to the next level and have us do yoga for you, sign up today via the button below. 


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oakhazel 1 month ago

Ha ha ha. I was thinking - HUH!! WHAT!! REALLY!!
Then I read the comments - hee hee - you had me there.

Ritasans 1 month ago

This was a great April Fools Joke! I was looking for the button to push, and thought...wait a minute. What day is it today? This caper makes you seem even more like one of us! We’re just one big happy family!

Tina S 1 month ago

Slow me. I just read it today, the 5th. I thought you were serious.
I was thinking, you will show up at my door in California, for $5???

David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone! As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun with this one!

DeeM 1 month ago

The best! Thanks for a great belly laugh!

guenhyvare 1 month ago

Thanks for the laugh!! Very clever!!! Is that pizza I smell... ? LOL

panicum 1 month ago

And only 5 bucks today!!! Good one, I knew where you were going with this, but I was just a little.... afraid.

LucyHB 1 month ago

Ohhhh that's the first one that got me today! I was wondering if you'd all gone mad until David said 'and then we show up at your door' and I remembered the date. Nicely done!

HeatherAAllen 1 month ago

Hardy har har!!!!!! You pulled me in $1000.00 originally, glad you have a sale!!!

Bend4kc 1 month ago

I am way too trusting of all y’all. I was struggling to understand what this service was, and then finally - understood. Thank you for the laugh.

Smellmannbrown 1 month ago

Thank you for the laugh. There’ve been many days this last year where I wished it would work like that :-)

Lorawarner 1 month ago

I was thinking...oh that’s too bad, what a poor choice for the name of a sister site- got me!!

Sasha Lee 1 month ago

Lol!! Thanks for the morning laugh!! I was sooo intrigued... Hahaha
Keep up the great and fun work!

Bert1185 1 month ago

This looked really great - really got us. One of the better ones.

Rafiki 1 month ago

I clicked to pay $5 but it didn't take me to any payment page! LOL.... Great got me....well done for having a bit of fun. Having said this....I know many people who would actually pay for someone to do yoga for them!

dukegal1213 1 month ago

LOL! I was thinking, " is THIS going to work?" when I saw the email! Great April Fool's Joke! :D