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SIMPLE STEPS TO A BETTER PRACTISE. Let our yoga programs be your guide, creating a structured series to help you get the most out of our online videos. Each one of these programs has been designed to move you toward a particular goal in a safe, efficient way. Choose one from the list and get started!

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To help you relate to your anxiety in a new light.
10 days
7-21min/day 10 Videos
This learning series with David is heavily influenced by his own anxiety, and the techniques that he found useful in dealing with it.

Explore and develop your own well-rounded yoga program aimed at sustaining wellness throughout your life.
8 days
5-36min/day 8 Classes
This video series with Guy focuses on using yoga to enhance eight fundamental physical and mental characteristics of personal wellness.

Using a dynamic practice to create resiliency, fortitude, and calm in times of uncertainty and challenge.
7 days
5-36min/day 7 Classes
This 7-day program explores how we can maintain equilibrium and composure amidst an otherwise tumultuous environment.

To understand how to let go of the grip that anxiety and fear have on your life.
21 days
15-45 min/day 1 Practice/day
This is an in-depth, intimate and interactive program that helps you understand how to let go of the grip that anxiety has on your life. This is the first of our Interactive Programs - click through to the program to find out more.

To help new parents address physical challenges associated with pregnancy and the first few months after giving birth.
53 weeks
11-52 min/day Self-guided
This program is designed to help new parents address some of the physical challenges associated with pregnancy and the first few months after giving birth. Sarah-Jane draws on her experience as a doula, yoga instructor, and mother to provide classes tailored to each stage of your parenting journey, helping you strengthen and stretch you body where it needs it most while relieving pain, cramping, and discomfort.

To help manage and heal eating disorders.
28 days
10-75 min/day 5 Classes/week | 1 Connection & 1 Reflection/week
This program was created to help heal and manage eating disorders. While designing this program, Fiji drew on her own experiences to help you bring your mind and body into alignment and move forward into a life of better health and greater joy.

To help an absolute beginner feel comfortable with yoga
14 days
10-72 min/day 7 classes/week
This free, 14-day absolute beginners yoga program with Helen Camisa introduces yoga to all levels, all body types and all ages. Her gentle, clear approach helps answer all of the questions you may have and helps you learn everything you need to know in order to feel comfortable taking a class anywhere, anytime.

To improve lower back health through flexibility, strength and relaxation.
30 days
10-60 min/day 3-5 Classes/week
In this beginner program you will use core strength to strengthen your body and provide the support that your lower back needs, while using lower back stretches, and a variety of other stretches, to releasing key 'back-pain' muscles that are often responsible for the pain and discomfort you may be feeling. You will also learn to relax your nervous system, the source of tension in your body, and that will help you further release the pattern of tension that is causing the problems you are experiencing. Please note that if you are looking for yoga for back pain, do this program carefully, with the guidance of a health professional.

To help prevent and provide pain relief for carpal tunnel syndrome.
2 weeks
8-50 min/day 6 classes/week
This yoga program is designed to prevent or heal issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, neck pain, head aches, back pain, chronic stress and chronic fatigue. It is designed for those who use work with their hands, especially those with repetitive movements, and those who sit at a computer for many hours each week.

To make you a stronger, more effective fighter, while keeping you injury-free.
4 weeks
15-50 min/day 3 classes/week
Yoga is one of the best ways to improve strength, balance, flexibility and focus. More flexible fighters can perform a wider range of techniques, both offensive and defensive, than less flexible fighters. Flexibility also improves recovery time and endurance, so you can train harder and improve faster. Yoga also conditions your whole body to become strong, from the core of your being to the outer extremities. Core strength in particular is what gives MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighters the stability and manoeuvrability they need to over-power their opponent.

To keep you injury-free, improve your performance and shorten your recovery time.
6 weeks
15-60 min/day 4 Classes
Too many runners suffer from bad backs and knees, often forcing them to abandon running altogether. By maintaining flexibility in key areas, not only will you feel stronger and a greater range of motion when you’re running, but your loose muscles will also have better access to healthy blood and oxygen, speeding recovery and reducing the risk of injury.

To learn the yoga essentials so you can practice yoga safely and move on to more difficult classes.
6 weeks
8-55 min/day 3 Classes
This series of classes is designed to teach the beginner student how to sit comfortably, stretch effectively and move in a way that helps you get the most out of your yoga practice. It’s great for those who are new to yoga or have not done a lot of stretching in the past.

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